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Loft Conversion Ideas by Loft Conversions Hertfordshire

Looking for expert loft conversion ideas and advice that will give you a well-designed, cleverly thought-out extra bedroom, bathroom and even living space? Then look no further than Loft Conversions Hertfordshire. Our past loft conversions include small loft conversion ideas, loft storage ideas, bedrooms, and bathrooms!

Way To Add Space To Your Hertfordshirehome

Prior to starting work on your loft conversion's interior design, it's vital to get not just the structure right, but also your budget, the room's configuration, the position of windows, and of course your loft's energy efficiency.

As a general rule, glazing should make up 20 per cent of the roof area if you're keen to maximise natural light. A Loft Conversions Hertfordshire loft conversion will make the most of the natural light in your space.

Home Office From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Loft Conversion

Using your Loft Conversions Hertfordshire converted loft as the location for your home office is a great idea or you could make it into a playroom. What's better than a home office with natural light and a view of the outdoors?

There are two forms of insulation that Loft Conversions Hertfordshire offer and either an independent inspector or one from your local authority can determine the type your home requires. Loft Conversions Hertfordshire can help you arrange a visit from a building control inspector when you need one.

Loft Conversion Ideas From Loft Conversions Hertfordshire

Why not be inspired by Loft Conversions Hertfordshire's brilliant loft conversion ideas to get you started.

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